Jetpack is the performance enhancement plugin by The plugin is available free of cost with some of the most useful features. It also has a paid version which gives some added functionality, but, for new bloggers, it is not necessary to purchase those. Official homepage suggests it as, “security, performance, and marketing tool made for WordPress websites by WordPress developers.”

What will you get bundled with Jetpack?

  1. Real-time backups save every change, while instant downtime alerts and one-click restores get you back online quickly.
  2. Malware scanning and one-click fixes keep your site ahead of security threats.
  3. Automatically block spam from comments and forms.
  4. Built-in social media sharing.
  5. Infinite scrolling feature.
  6. Integration with features where you can connect your site to official dashboard and use features like, editor, themes, seamless content writing and much more.
  7. Jetpack search- it is incredibly powerful and customizable, Jetpack Search helps your visitors instantly find the right content – right when they need it.
	Blogger Fire Getting Started with Jetpack by WordPress Plugin Infographic for Pinterest

Jetpack help you load pages faster, and serve your images and static files from our global network of servers, which speed ups the website. And, Google loves sites that load faster. So, win win, you get direct as well as indirect benefits same time.

This way you improve your site speed and take control of your SEO with Jetpack’s site accelerator. Shorter load times can lead to happier readers, more page views, and — if you’re running a store — improved sales.

Jetpack helps you search your content perfectly and easily.

But, did you know, why finding content easily is that important? People can’t buy what they can’t findPeople on eCommerce sites are 2x more likely to purchase something when they search

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